Prune your trees to give them a new life

tree prunerTrees are an exquisite product of nature. They add to the beauty of a place. However, if they are left to themselves, they can grow very tall and will fail to give you any shade as you would have expected it to give. To solve this problem, the best solution is to use the services of a good tree pruner. Tree pruning not only prevent the trees from growing too tall, but also make it look more beautiful, so that it can add to the visual appeal of your house.

Why do you need a tree pruner?

Pruned trees cast a pleasant and cool shade on the ground below, as it develops green and beautiful branches near the ground. This cool shade can be a place of rest for you during a hot dry day. Also, as the lush green branches are on the lower level of the tree, you can feast on the tasty fruits of the tree or observe the beautiful branches and the animals living on the tree.

Also, the branches of a tree may get heavier with respect to time. This can be a very problematic situation, as it can lead to the fall of the heavy tree due to lack of balance. Storms and rains can further worsen the situation by weakening the soil links to the root. The pruning of such trees is a very good alternative to destroying them. But, the process of pruning can be very dangerous, so a good professional tree pruner must be hired for such a purpose. Another cause of pruning is that it can reduce the number of branches, as green branches are quite heavy and can harm the surrounding a lot, if they fall during a storm.

Different types of tree pruning

There are various types of pruning services available in the modern era. You can choose any one of these services according to your needs:

  • Topping: This method of tree pruning is considered the harshest of all. In this method, all the minor branches and other such features are cut off completely, leaving only a few main branches. However, if this is performed correctly on young trees, then they don’t grow harmfully during their whole lifetime.
  • Thinning out: This is a little less harsh than topping. In this, only the most unwanted parts of the tree are cut off from their point of origin. If it is performed in the right manner, then it can not only reduce overburdening of trees, but also make the fruit production of a tree quicker than the usual time.
  • Raising: This is a process of removing the lower branches of a tree, so that a clearing will be created and the obstructions in the form of the branches are removed. This helps a lot especially in trees which are lying near a road or an apartment complex.
  • Reduction: This process is used essentially to reduce the overall height or girth of the tree. This is used generally for the maintenance of a clear path for electricity or other utility lines. Reduction of the height of the tree is done by cutting off the ends of the tree branches. This help to retain the structural integrity of plants.

Pruning, all in all, is a very good practise. But, it’s like an art, which looks best when done by the artists. Novices and amateurs must try not to prune their trees, as this can lead to dangerous situations. It is best done when left to experts and OZ Tree Services are pretty well known in this regard. Also, tree pruning can give structural strength to trees, and is a much better alternative to cutting the whole tree itself.


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