How to buy the perfect modern bar stools?

modern bar stoolsDo you want to buy a bar stool for yourself or for your bar? Well if you are, then you must be well aware of the complication and stress that comes with buying the perfect stool. In the real market, you will find many different kinds of chairs with different styles and colors. There are few set of things that one should always keep in mind in order to buy a set of perfect modern bar stools. Below there are few features that you should consider before buying any bar stool.


The materials of each stools comes in a variety. The common materials are:




Other modern material.

The comfort and durability depends upon your choice of material that you choose for your stool. Always try to buy the stool of that material only which will not only provide comfort but will also go with the décor of your room.


It is one of the most important features for your stool. You can buy a simple stool with no back or you can also find a stool with fixed heights. There are some stools which are powered with hydraulics for heights adjustments. You can also choose the one with full back support. But the shape, size and style should be based upon the type of use you will do with it.


This is another very important factor to look upon before buying a bar stool. It is sometimes ignored by many people. People fill a certain space with many stools. That makes the place looks messy and congested. It can cause many different kinds of problems like:

Area looks restricted

The functionality of all the stool gets restricted

Overcrowding occurs.

Always leave certain inches on both sides of the stool and then see how many stools that space can accommodate. If you are planning of buying a hydraulic stool or stools with long arms then you should at least try to keep a distance of 6-7 inch on the both side of the chair.


Height of the stools is also necessary because it will affect the look of the space for the customer. In general there are four popular sizes for the new kind of bar stools. Those are:

Spectator height: Normally the height of the spectator is between 45” to 48” then you will need a seat of a height of 33” to 34”.

Bar height: The bar height can go up to 40” to 42”, so a stool with 28” to 30” will be recommended. This can also be used for common use at home.

Counter height: Similar to bar height, these chairs are also commonly used in many homes. The height of the counter can be 35” to 36”, so a stool with the height of 24” to 26” is generally suggested.

Chair height: The height of a kitchen table will be from 28” to 30”, well for that a chair with a height of 17” to 18” is recommended.

So from now on if you are planning to buy any bar stool then do consider the above factor. These factors will help you to buy a perfect chair for you in reasonable price with a guarantee on durability.

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